Employment Opportunities for Delta Kappa Alpha Executive Offices

Delta Kappa Alpha has recently improved it’s National Structure and is rapidly growing into a much larger organization.  By growing larger, our Fraternity  becomes capable of supporting members in larger and more meaningful ways — all the while maintaining a “small business closeness” with every chapter and member.  To apply, begin by filling out the form at the bottom of the page.

Positions Available:

Administrative Assistant

Assists the directors with daily office operations, including typing and filing correspondence, arranging travel needs, providing support to Leadership Academy and National Conventions and other duties.  The administrative assistant is also responsible for maintaining records and information on all pledge members of the Fraternity as well as processing all reported McClelland Challenge information.

Executive Assistant

Is responsible for correspondence and typing as directed by the CEO and the director of the Foundation, provides administrative assistance to the National Council and Foundation Board members, assists with mailings and other projects as needed, and provides support to Leadership Academy and National Conventions.

Centennial Coordinator

Develops the vision and coordination for the series of events surrounding Delta Kappa Alpha’s 100th anniversary celebration and convention in 2036.

Communication Coordinator

Is primarily responsible for all components involved in producing The National CineJournal of Delta Kappa Alpha, a journal published by the Fraternity.  Other responsibilities include marketing and overall communications efforts such as the online newsletters to alumni and undergraduate members.

Educational Programs Coordinator

Serves as the contact for leadership, membership, and fraternity educational components, including Leadership Academy and Building Artists of Character Weekends.

Finance Coordinator

Reports to the CEO in all financial matters, including budgeting and payroll, while also processing billings, payments, jewelry orders, supply orders, and other such tasks.

Foundation Coordinator

Is responsible for managing the Artists Trust, executing chapter phone-a-thons, gift processing, and donor stewardship.  This position also assists with managing chapter educational grant funds.

Volunteer Programs Coordinator

Is responsible for supporting domain directors and Board of Governors and to recruiting volunteers to fill vacancies in those positions.  The coordinator also conducts chapter visits and communicates with Greek advisors.

Leadership Consultants

Comprise the full-time traveling staff of the National Fraternity.  Consultants are fully trained in all aspects of fraternity operations and travel throughout the year, visiting chapters, offering guidance in chapter management techniques, and giving leadership seminars.

Director of Chapter Services

Is responsible for coordinating all chapter services, including the chapter visitation program, chapter reorganization and is the supervisor for the Leadership Consultants.  Also assists in identifying and training volunteers to serve as domain directors, BOG’s, and advisors.

Director of Development

Reports to the Foundation’s Executive Director and coordinates the planning, execution, and management of the Annual Fund program, Chapter Educational Grant Funds, restricted programs, the Philanthropy Program, and all grant and fellowship programs.

Senior Director of Programming and Administration

Has umbrella responsibility for educational programs. This position is responsible for professional training of the Executive Offices staff, which includes supervision of administrative support, training new employees, and overseeing office processes.  Additional responsibilities include oversight of Leadership Academy and National Conventions.