A Professional Fraternity is made up students and alumni that collaboratively focus on strengthening personal character and professionally developing their careers in the cinematic arts.  Students come together because they share similar ambitions, personal values, and create lifelong community through the learning and practice of the cinematic arts. Along with some of the benefits of sharing elements of a fraternity structure, a professional fraternity offers additional advantages.

Collaborative Interaction

A common feature of both DKA and entertainment industry companies is collaborative interaction. While DKA places more emphasis on networking and educational experiences, collaborative activities are common. Professional fraternities are typically gender inclusive, which is a significant distinction from typical social Greek organizations. This gives members a more diverse network of people to interact with and engage with as a professional support system.

Professional Network

While social Greek organizations do engage in professional development and networking, this is emphasized much more in professional fraternities. Students are members for life, which allows current students to network with graduated peers. Alumni may help students with transitioning to work after college. Professional fraternities also emphasize student learning opportunities and productivity. Many cinema students move away from their alma mater, which makes the DKA alumni networks in major cities all the more useful.

Resume Development

Professional fraternities also give students significant opportunities to develop their experiences for resume and portfolio refinement. Guest speakers are commonly invited to present to members on career-related topics. Members may also get involved in community programs and educational speaking opportunities in the field. Producer students might go out and deliver a practice pitch to alumni members already established in their fields, for instance. DKA Job and Internship Bulletin Boards also present another pathway to find internship opportunities to meet school requirements or to better prepare for a career.

Prospective Student Opportunities

For undeclared students or students in non-cinema majors, the specific nature of the professional fraternity may pose a dilemma relative to the more inclusive social fraternities. However, many professional fraternities like DKA open membership to prospective students taking general education classes and are declared as any major. Therefore, an entering freshman unsure about his or her college and career path within the large field of the cinematic arts can opt for DKA instead of the more general social organization. In fact, networking with members in a particular field may help a student decide which specific career path is best for them.