Serious Comedy for SeriousFun

Delta Kappa Alpha hosts 1st Serious Comedy for SeriousFun event

by Kait Hobson

Six stand-up comedians, four comedy groups and Orange Appeal performed at Delta Kappa Alpha’s first annual Serious Comedy for SeriousFun event Monday night at Gifford Auditorium in Huntington Beard Crouse Hall. The national cinema fraternity donated the proceeds to SeriousFun Children’s Network.

The night featured performances by campus groups such as Float Your Boat, Humor Whore, The Kumquat and Zamboni Revolution, as well as student stand-up comedians to a crowded auditorium.

A crowd favorite was Humor Whore’s video, “SU State of Mind” which featured the performers playing the piano and singing an original blues song in homage to Syracuse.

The video featured the singers performing outlandish stunts such as sliding down the ramp in front of Bird Library on ice and impersonating Chancellor Syverud’s emails in a fake TV broadcast while stroking an Otto the Orange stuffed animal on his lap.

The humor routines rotated between live performances and videos, showcasing the talent of solo and group comedians.

“I really enjoyed it,” said Amanda Salmon, an undeclared sophomore in the College of Arts and Sciences. “It was a great cause, great people, great acts – it was funny and they kept me laughing.”

Campus stand-up groups Zamboni Revolution and The Kumquat took the stage without a rehearsed set, asking the audience for words to inspire their stand-up acts. A member of The Kumquat even stripped down to a pair of underpants and his wife beater, warranting mixed reviews from audience members.

Hannah Mesches of the Kumquat delivered a routine to a receptive crowd about her fear of costumes.

“I am terrified of Otto the Orange,” she said, calling the person inside the Otto costume the “puppet master of a demonic hell fruit.”

“Why do they give fruit sentience? Why does it have a mouth painted on it and eat stuff through its arm hole?” Mesches asked.

The acts presented to a friendly crowd that laughed at almost every joke and applauded each performer.

“I think everyone did a really good job,” said Sarah Schuster, a senior magazine journalism major. “What was unique about this was they took a lot of comedy groups that usually only get to do things through video and put them in different situations.”

At the end of the event, Members of DKA thanked the large audience for staying through the performances that ran late into the night and said it hopes to make Serious Comedy for SeriousFun an annual event at SU.

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