Are you a Cinematic Artist of Character? Passionate about leadership and service opportunities? Ready to enhance your college and post-graduation experience by forming a lifetime fellowship with like-minded artists around the country? DKA is rapidly expanding, and the organization seeks to identify passionate students who want to join the ranks of DKA. Whether you’re interested in starting a brand-new DKA chapter or wish to restart a chapter, please click the link below. Thank you for your interest in creating a DKA Professional Cinematic Society chapter on your campus.

What is Expansion?

Expansion is the process of starting new chapters, or re-colonizing inactive chapters. DKA is always interested in opportunities to expand to supportive colleges and universities so that we may offer more students the benefits our organization provides. In fact, we have an Expansion Coordinator to direct our expansion efforts, as well as an Expansion Team who is charged with finding, recruiting and educating high caliber undergraduates and training the local advisory team. When they are working on an expansion project, the Expansion Team is on-site for weeks to even months, building an interest group and helping it become a colony. When the group becomes a colony, a Board of Governors is assigned to help them to become a chapter.

Sometimes a group of interested students will contact us, sometimes it’s a group of alumni, sometimes we select the campus, and other times the university contacts us. Regardless of how we get involved, we start off with an initial assessment of students, alumni, and the campus. From there, we determine the resources available for the expansion project and how we will proceed.

If you are interested in working with us to bring a DKA Chapter to your campus, please follow the link below.

> Download DKA Expansion Brochure

Start a Chapter

Please note that Expansion has been placed on temporary hold. We are still accepting submissions for schools to be considered once Expansion resumes. Please contact us if you have any questions.