• Instill the new group with a sustaining culture founded on values and a purpose which align with those of DKA and the host institution
  • Develop a fellowship which creates a sense of “home away from home”
  • Cultivate a professional environment, which assists our members in increasing knowledge, developing skills, clarifying values, and providing service to others.
  • Structured member education focused on:
    1. Fostering personal growth through self-discovery and reflection
    2. Instilling civic and social responsibility
    3. Creating cross-cultural and global awareness
    4. Aiding ethical and moral development
    5. Valuing, building, and sustaining interpersonal relationships and leadership
    6. Entertainment industry skill building and career development in the cinematic arts.
  • Form an organization which produces morally-grounded men and women of character who are invested members in their campus and community, and who will also be invested alumni as well.
  • Assemble a group which will serve as a model for other organizations, and which will challenge peer organizations to set a higher standard for the entire cinema community.
  • Provide a professional, fun, responsible, and active presence on campus.