How to start a DKA Chapter

Please note that Expansion has been placed on temporary hold. We are still accepting submissions for schools to be considered once Expansion resumes. Please contact us if you have any questions.

Step 1

Step 2

Download, complete, and submit the DKA Expansion Assessment Form.

Step 3

Speak with your campus official who oversees the Student Organization/Life community to:

  • Let them know you want to bring a chapter of DKA Professional Cinematic Society to your campus. Use the DKA Expansion Brochure.
  • Find out your school’s policies and procedures for expansion.
  • Be aware that DKA will only expand to a campus if given approval by the proper school official.

Step 4

If the school approves, DKA will hold and advertise an informational meeting, receive Prospective Founder Applications, and conduct interviews with each interested individual to ensure a proper fit for DKA and the student.

Step 5

Once initial interviews are complete DKA will work with all stakeholders to plan an organized expansion effort; including locating local chapter advisors and forming a board of advisors for the group, before the group’s conception.

Step 6

Upon conclusion of the expansion effort and the group reaching colony status, the group will:

  • Be installed as Candidates for Membership
  • Begin taking part in the “Founding Members First Step Program,” DKA’s Member Development Program: working toward the first milestone, chartering and initiation.
  • Take part in a Building Artists of Character Retreat

Step 7

The colony members will be installed, and will be given a Board of Governors that will support and assist the colony as they continue to work towards chartering.

Step 8

Once the colony has met the chartering requirements they must submit this petition to the National Council for recognition as an active DKA Chapter.

Step 9

Upon approval by the National Council, all colony members will take the National Exam and then a Chartering Ceremony will be scheduled to recognize the colony as an active DKA Chapter.