Throughout a history that spans seventy-five years and beyond, Delta Kappa Alpha has been instrumental in developing cinematic artists of character. Over time, the foundational elements, the educational building blocks, of that process have come into sharp focus: the 10 Jewels, Farmer Tripod, the Creed, and the Cardinal Principles.

Just as an older sibling might guide a younger sibling in the ways of life, Delta Kappa Alpha alumni-their own character forged by the flames of fraternal ideals-reach out to their young siblings to ensure that the process of building character and developing leaders in the entertainment industry remains a strength and priority of the fellowship. Through their gifts to the Delta Kappa Alpha Foundation, these members help cast the links that build a bond across the generations and craft the character of each member of the Fraternity.

The Foundation is guided by a volunteer Board of Trustees, each successful in their own right and collectively committed to unflinching stewardship of the many generous gifts contributed by alumni and undergraduates, parents and friends of Delta Kappa Alpha. Each year, Foundation trustees distribute funds that support national, regional, and chapter educational- and character-building programs; undergraduate and graduate academic scholarships; and philanthropic gifts and volunteer stipends for the Fraternity’s national philanthropy-the SeriousFun Children’s Network.


Delta Kappa Alpha Foundation, Inc.