For thousands of Delta Kappa Alpha alumni, an ongoing connection to the Fraternity is a lifelong passion demonstrated in part by their support of the Delta Kappa Alpha Foundation. Many extend that passion beyond their lifetime by including a charitable gift to Delta Kappa Alpha in their estate plans.

Delta Kappa Alpha members from all walks of life, with estates ranging from modest to complex, have shared a common bond through the years which is their abiding interest in assuring that their Resident Council brothers and sisters have access to the best possible leadership development and educational opportunities. An estate gift can help ensure these opportunities for generations to come.

A bequest to Delta Kappa Alpha may be made through a will or living trust in the form of cash, securities, real estate, or other property. The donor should specify that the Delta Kappa Alpha Foundation is to receive a certain amount or percentage of their estate or particular assets, or the remainder of their estate after providing for heirs.

The Foundation recognizes and honors those who elect to make estate gifts and other forms of deferred gifts by including their names in the Hero’s Trust. By committing to an estate gift, these members join the likes of Herbert E. Farmer,¬†Southern California ’39 and others whose support both during their lifetime and upon entering Chapter Eternal have left a legacy to be remembered always.

Membership in the Hero’s Trust is awarded to members who have informed the Delta Kappa Alpha Foundation of a planned gift or bequest in their will. The Hero’s Trust membership benefits include:

  1. Personalized Hero’s Trust Plate
  2. Invitation to the yearly Arthur Knight Dinner
  3. Invitations to local Fellowship Receptions
  4. The Hero’s Trust ribbon at appropriate Fraternity events
  5. Subscription to the Fraternity National Newsletter, The National CineJournal
  6. Recognition in appropriate Fraternity and Foundation publications