Information for Parents and Educators

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Your child’s decision to join a Chapter of the Gender-Inclusive, National, Honorary, Values-Based, Professional Cinema Fraternity, Delta Kappa Alpha. begins a lifelong experience, and we are pleased that they are a part of our circle. Our Professional Cinema Fraternity is grounded in timeless personal values and principles, and as an organization, we challenge our members to set the standard in their field of work, community, and campus by being cinematic artists of excellent character.

Delta Kappa Alpha members make a difference on their campuses and in their communities because of the wonderful support they receive from their parents. A parent’s job never stops, and we know how important it is to stay involved in your child’s choices and experiences. We invite you to be part of your child’s fraternity experience-even if it just means that you ask questions or consider volunteering your time. We know our mission is a team effort.  We encourage all parents and other parental figures to join each chapter’s Parent’s Club.

Professional Fraternity life, when focused properly, is very much about personal development, leadership, professional training and practice, fellowship, scholastic support, and positive experiences that will add value and enhance the academic experience. On behalf of all our members, we are proud that your child is a part of our fellowship, and we hope they will always take advantage of all that Delta Kappa Alpha has to offer.