National Community

All Delta Kappa Alpha members share professional training and personal ideals. They support each other artistically, professionally, and join together in service. DeKAs have a common bond regardless of age, gender, or location. We rarely use the term “networking” because our bonds are far stronger than what that term describes.

National Collaboration

Between local chapters or chapters on either coast, fraternity groups are able to meet and collaborate with each other through countless events and opportunities. Between National Film Contests, Fraternity Film Festivals, Resource Databases, CineJournal Newsletters, Screenings, Conventions, Trips to Top Tier Film Festivals, Conventions, Conferences, Leadership Academies, and many more. DKA members are always quick to invite and host traveling brothers and sisters in their homes.

Supportive Culture

Unlike a social fraternity or sorority, it has a professional purpose and co-educational membership. However the DKA culture stands out among all student organizations because of its unique purpose, values, vision, structure, and collective experience. The DKA environment is often compared to that of a successful writers room. Everyone is encouraging, productive, creative, honest, constructive, brings the best out in each other, and has a true “whole is greater than the sum of its parts” type of collaborative structure. The only difference is that unlike a writer’s room, DKA members care for each other as if they were family by birth at all times and even if they did not know each other prior to DKA.

Reliable Structure

DKA chapters are built to last with an impeccable leadership structure, supportive alumni advisory boards, multiple national corporate branches providing legal support, insurance, scholarships, and many other valuable resources that allow chapters to remain stable and growing through every graduating class.

Professional Development

Delta Kappa Alpha is a professional fraternity. One of the primary objectives of our organization is to promote the best in the cinematic arts and to develop each individual member both as a person and as an artist. DKA creates and maintains ethical and productive career and personal habits to foster upstanding entertainment industry leadership prior to graduation.

Job/Internship/Crew Bulletin Boards

These online Bulletin Boards are organized by geographic area and allow members to share job, internship, crew, and any creative project opportunities with members in the respective area. Members regularly report that these Bulletin Boards have more valuable and frequent opportunities than the Job/Internship Boards at the top film schools in the world.

Industry Education

Each DKA chapter has a committee that provides learning opportunities and resources for fraternity members to grow as entertainment industry professionals, cinema-related entrepreneurs, to educate members on Professional Etiquette, and to generally be more prepared to enter “the film business” upon graduation. The committee provides Trade and Current Events Resources, Workshops and Seminars on Résumés/Reels, Professional Dress Code and Attire, Representation, Management, Guilds, Film Festivals, Unions, Commerce, Copyright, Entertainment Law, Buying/Selling rights, safety/labor laws, insurance, Industry Structure and Hierarchy, Permits, Independent Contracting, Distribution, Exhibition, etc. This committee would also host industry-mirroring events like Oscar Screening events, Industry Panels, etc.

Cinema Literacy Curriculum

Each DKA chapter provides Film Screenings, Resources, Critical Theory Discussion Circles, Panels, Industry Events, Trade Shows trips, Vendor visits, Conferences attendance, Workshops, and Seminars in the various categories within the craft and study of cinema. Categories include but are not limited to: Producing, Entry-level Production roles, Directing, Cinematography, Sound Design, Assistant Directing, Production Design, Music Composition, Video Game Design, Interactive Media, Animation, Theater, literature, Graphic Design, Drawing/Storyboarding, Genre-Studies, Script and Concept Pitching, Auditioning, Casting, etc.

Production Experience

Each DKA chapter has a committee that encourages and provides opportunities for members to produce their own content, get hands-on practice, and productively gain experience by hosting contests, festivals, cinema exercises, that allow members to work on making short films, music videos, commercials, trailers, stop-motion animations, documentaries, other forms of animation, visual effects, video game production, music production. The committee organizes a Bulletin Board of student artists available in various positions. These events encourage members to explore new areas of their craft and find their artistic voice, practice complimentary positions (have cinematographers serve as editors, directors serve as actors, etc.), and give members who don’t quite know what they want to specialize in the opportunity to try out new positions. Organizes DKA film grants for members to pitch movies in teams and receive funding from a DKA “Studio Panel” which helps members learn a fuller process of movie production. Eligibility for pitching a film is typically a certain amount of participation in previous student films committee events. The fraternity maintains a certain standard level of member experience and productivity to ensure career development and growth. The committee also provides these events and opportunities for the non-member cinema community. This committee is the “Crew Call” communication hub for all campus and member productions and projects.

Membership Dues

Fraternity dues are an inherent part of what separates DKA from a film club and what allows the organization to create such a larger, longer, and more comprehensive experience. DKA doesn’t behave like an exclusive group in that part of the fraternity’s purpose is to create benefits for all members of the university student community, not just for its members. Most DKA events are for the public and for the benefit of the whole community. Imagine that each cinema student spends a certain amount of money each semester on various expenses to develop their own skills and build cinema experiences. Imagine many students in the same situation all got together and pooled their resources, they could order in bulk, get group discounts, and receive more value than they put into it the group initially. DKA puts on incredible Academy Award screenings for the entire school, school-wide film festivals, even big annual Galas to get students in the cinema community to meet each other. These events cost money to exist because the chapter functions like a business and succeeds in ways that only business can. From pooling these resources, DKA events actually costs less than they would if put on by an outside organization or vendor, plus many of these events would not have existed in the first place if the chapter didn’t exist with the funds to put them on in the first place. The student members democratically determine what they want to their budget to look like and they only put their money into a financial plan that gives them more value then they put in. If the chapter wants to have a shared IMDB Pro account, they’ll split it among all the members ““ same if they want to subscribe to American Cinematographer. Unlike many Greek organizations, DKA alumni never have to pay any dues.

Interdisciplinary Cinematic Arts

DKA is the only national Greek letter organization to unite and promote all cinematic art forms. We embrace the creative, scholarly, and entrepreneurial principles and practices of Film, Television, Commercial, Music Video, Documentary, Animation, Experimental film, Music, Fine Arts, Photography, Sound Design, Video Game Design, Interactive Media, Radio, Marketing, Advertising, Graphic Design, Journalism, Theater, Writing, Speech, Improvisational and Sketch Comedy, Technology Engineering, Archiving, and others through collaborative programming within our diverse community.

Service Opportunities

One of the tenants of DKA’s creed is “In helping others follow their bliss, I shall ask for no reward, I shall seek no glory.” We believe in helping others accomplish their goals and giving back to the community. The fraternity and its service partners provide opportunities both nationally and on the local level to serve your community such as SeriousFun Children’s Network (founded by DKA alumnus Paul Newman) and local Film Mentorship programs.

Different from a Cinema Club

DKA encourages its members to be as engaged in as many forms of student leadership as possible. Many members are often leaders in campus cinema clubs. The structure and experience of DKA is so vastly different from a film club that there is zero competition between the two organization types. In fact, DKA is structured to encourage and seamlessly co-host events with local cinema clubs. Structurally, the fraternity is different from a film club in that it has a more specific and complex identity, membership recruitment and orientation, lifetime alumni membership, financial resources for larger projects and programming, member insurance, more departments and types of programming, more committed membership, strong and direct relationships with alumni, multiple chapters, and multiple national branches and corporations providing legal, financial, scholarships, and professional support. The fraternity provides many national education opportunities, national network, national collaboration opportunities, corporate discounts and benefits, connections and relationships with various studios, production companies, technology vendors, and the chance to be a part of every future addition to this rapidly list.

Leadership Development

Being part of a Greek letter professional organization provides many opportunities to develop your leadership skills. You will learn the basics of organizing and running meetings as well as all the financial and managerial skills necessary to run a complex organization. You will have a chance to hold a variety of leadership positions, learn how to professionally organize events, and many other ethical and productive business practices that produce upstanding entertainment industry leaders. Members have the opportunity to participate in National Leadership programs such as Presidents Academy, Leadership Academy, Regional Conferences, Good to Great Retreats, Convention, and Conclave.

Active Alumni

DKA has a strong network of alumni from across the country. Alumni regularly come together throughout the year and the national fraternity provides them with continued community, opportunities for service, and professional development throughout their careers.

Alumni Mentorship

DKA student members have the opportunity to receive mentorship from alumni members in their area and industry concentration, regardless of the university either of them attended.

Academic Support

DKA requires its members to maintain an appropriate academic standard. We put an emphasis on scholarship during our students’ academic careers as well as providing the resources that assist all types of learning and thinking styles.

Collegiate Scholarships

Collegiate students are eligible for scholarships based on their academic accomplishments, financial aid, and artistic merit.

Alumni Grants

DKA will soon have the opportunity to award alumni grants on an annual basis. These grants are designed to further our alumni’s professional careers.

No Alumni Dues

DKA does not charge any dues for alumni members. The national fraternity has been structured to sustain itself through minimal student dues so that fraternity alumni can focus on repaying student debt and creating financial stability in their adult careers.

Real Film (Celluloid) Experience

In a time where everything is getting exclusively digital, DKA will remain as one of the only ways cinema students can get the opportunity to actually shoot, edit, and project actual celluloid film, an experience our organization believes is invaluable for every cinematic artist.

Be a part of an incredible heritage

The fraternity made a name for itself in the entertainment industry by holding the famous “Delta Kappa Alpha Banquets” that brought together the biggest names in classic Hollywood to celebrate achievements in cinema and the importance of cinema education. These Banquets became so renowned that they were considered one of the year’s top three most distinguished and celebrated events in Hollywood ““ the Academy Awards ranking as number one. Tables were purchased for the attendance of executives from renowned organizations like The Writer’s Guild of America, Director’s Guild of America, Producer’s Guild of America, 20th Century Fox, Warner Brothers, MGM, Paramount, Disney, and others. The DKA banquets were an incredible spectacle that would attract not only Hollywood’s elite but also the attention of the media with such industry publications as Variety and Hollywood Reporter. “Never in all my born days has this writer seen so many movie, TV and theatrical luminaries”¦at least 400 of the 500 that were famous in Hollywood” – Los Angeles Herald-Examiner February 9, 1972 regarding the 1972 DKA Banquet.

Improve the cinema school

Part of being an organized group of cinema student leaders that is built and structured to last on a campus is working and collaborating with the cinema school administration. Since 1936, DKA members have been allies and partners to the cinema school administrators by proactively creating and organizing student production offices, bringing in industry speakers, holding large screenings for all students on campus, holding cinema themed social events to get cinema students to meet each other, and other administration goals. By providing more resources, learning opportunities, and a stronger sense of community, DKA chapters increase the value and educational range that students receive during their collegiate experience, which fosters stronger and more generous alumni relationships.

Live in a CineManor

A “CineManor” is a traditional name for a DKA Chapter House. This Co-Ed living facility was designed to be a “cinema student’s utopia.” Members will develop the space to provide more opportunities to achieve fraternity goals. A CineManor typically includes a screening room, production office/study room, space for workshops/seminars/casting/rehearsals, an outdoor area for catered events, a prop/wardrobe storage area, and many other cinematic amenities that the members can develop.

Building Artists of Character Retreats

Every semester/quarter, members get to attend a BAC Retreat. The retreat committee creates a safe, cost-effective, and professionally planned retreat that withdraws members from the normal University environment for the purpose of performance assessment and goal-setting, finding ways to improve the chapter’s operation and process, build individual character, resolve conflicts, foster interpersonal bonding and meaningful discussion, constructive self-evaluation, re-dedication to the fraternity principles and values, professional growth, team-building exercises, professional and collaborative trust-building activities, leadership development, getting each member to commit to working and carrying their share, giving each member a chance for input, and with all of this each member will know the direction that the chapter and its officers will be heading over the coming term.

A Safe Environment

The Chapter has a Risk Management committee that identifies and prevents risks and threats to members, guests, and the overall chapter. The committee educates members about the fraternity’s risk management policy, and production safety to reduce and prevent exposure to threats and dangers. This is both to avoid creating dangerous work conditions and to recognize and take action if you or others are being put in dangerous work conditions.

Accountability and Recognition within the Chapter

Each chapter has a Standards Board. This board of members regularly recognizes the excellent performances and achievements of its members, communicates and enforces the policies, laws, and code of conduct of the fraternity, and ensures that there is accountability and order within the chapter.

Culture Committee

The chapter’s culture committee creates balanced lifestyle habits, cultivate a stronger “Fraternity of One” ethos among all the members, and help enrich members’ intellectual and artistic awareness through meaningful and elevating excursions, activities, recreational customs, educational liberal arts workshops, and resources. The committee refines and cultures members through these types of alcohol-free programming.

Social Committee

The chapter’s social committee prepares brothers and sisters for social activities in the entertainment industry and builds sociable habits within the chapter. In today’s “show business,” members must attend all sorts of screenings, premieres, wrap parties, Production Company launches, studio celebrations, etc. The committee teaches members how to genuinely, effectively, professionally, and safely interact with peers, subordinates, and supervisors in a time when lifelong job security is a thing of the past. The Social Chairperson and Committee members will learn how to safely, ethically, effectively, and professionally put on social events that mirror those that are successful in the entertainment industry.

Leadership, Career, and Character Building Resource Libraries

Members get unique access to “The Tripod,” DKA’s resource library that contains an incredible amount of leadership materials to improve fraternity operations and group collaboration, career-development resources from articles to books to scripts to templates, and character-building literature to assist in personal and artistic growth.

Member Discounts and Corporate Benefits

As a national organization we have formed many relationships with different studios and companies, providing chapters with opportunities to bring speakers and workshop facilitators, provide permission to hold public screenings and fundraisers, relationships with national movie theaters for advanced screenings, and even equipment discounts from select vendors. Delta Kappa Alpha has discount programs with companies like Office Depot (for production expenses), Regal Cinemas for screenings and group ticket discounts, AVIS for production truck rental discounts, Brooks Brothers clothing discounts, UPS discounts, and many more on the horizon.