Founded in 1936, DKA was the first cinema organization in the entertainment industry to nationally foster a values-based, professional community devoted exclusively to bridging together lifelong learning, artistic excellence, and collaborative growth for the advancement of the cinematic mediums. Membership is extended by a professional application process at various collegiate chapters or by invitation to those who are actively engaged in the cinematic arts and have demonstrated outstanding ability and character. As a National organization with over 80 years of history and alumni, our members are connected to the top cinema students from top cinema schools at universities such as USC, NYU, UCLA, Chapman, Syracuse, UT Austin, Columbia University, and many others.

The supportive collaboration, career development, artistic education, personal growth, and community our brothers and sisters find in DKA makes all the difference in their personal and professional success.

We call that undisputed value The DeKA Difference.

In addition to the desirable attributes of a national organization, DKA offers a common bond: a collaborative, ethical, and professional pursuance of the cinematic arts in its various branches. It is more than just a club to which one belongs for a couple of years while a student.

Membership in DKA is for life.

Not only is DKA interested in developing professional skills and habits, but it is also deeply involved in developing character. Character includes those qualities that make an individual distinguishable as an upstanding leader in their field. The cinematic arts are advancing so fast that technical knowledge is changing at an ever-increasing rate, but professional character remains regardless of an artist’s career path.

DKA’s chapters provide a professional program of activities and resources to meet the shared needs of its members. A professional development program generally includes workshops, speakers, productions, skill-building exercises and projects, screenings, and interaction with members from other chapters and alumni. Chapters have community service projects through which the charitable organizations and local service groups benefits from the philanthropic and volunteer efforts of members. Most of all, DKA members are part of a national family, connected to the top film students from the top film schools in the world, who share a high standard of professional mastery and personal character.

DKA differs from other organizations to which our members often belong. The Professional Fraternity combines the desirable features of professional fraternities, technical societies, honor societies, and training programs to prepare and support its members for their cinematic arts professions and a lifetime of supportive community and creative fulfillment.