As alumni of Delta Kappa Alpha, the responsibility of continuing the spirit of fellowship after graduation rests upon your shoulders, and what better way to stay involved in the Fraternity than through an alumni club. Some important points to keep in mind when forming a club:

  • One of the purposes of an alumni club is to provide members of Delta Kappa Alpha the opportunity to continue the bonds of fellowship in a social setting
  • Have some idea of the various goals and objectives you hope to accomplish with the formation of a club, and determine reasons why brothers and sisters would want to be members
  • Use this manual as a reference guide to help you in the planning process. Remember, create the club with the structure you feel is best, and with what you feel will benefit the alumni as well as the Fraternity

Membership in Delta Kappa Alpha does not end at graduation. The continuance of the Fraternity’s legacy is due largely in part to its alumni involvement. With the beginning of an alumni club, members of the Fraternity are given the opportunity to be a part of an organized group of alumni in their area, reunite with others from their chapter, and become a supportive force to undergraduates in a local chapter.